Pets - The Thermal Pad+ provides comforting heat to older pets who may be suffering with Arthritic pain. The Thermal Pad+ stays a constant 101� - 104�F giving your pet instant warmth! Cat's and dogs alike love lounging on the warm bed! Designed for Indoor or Outdoor use, the pet owner will rest easier knowing that their devoted pet is warm and cozy on those cold winter nights.

Breeders & Kennels - increased litter survival by reducing stress caused by body heat loss in new born pups or kittens. A specially designed Thermal Pad+for Veterinarians use, has proven to be a life saver for sedated animals , keeping their body temperature near normal. This reduces the potential Operative and Post Operative shock.

Agricultural - Proven as a necessity to the Hog Raiser through increased production. These durable, rugged, and economical pig heating pads or pig heaters not only increase your litter survival rate, they are also more cost effective and far less dangerous than other heating systems. The Thermal Pad+ is ideal for Poultry Raisers Too!

Personal Use for Humans - The Thermal Pad+ also makes an ideal gift as a personal Foot Warmer for your favorite Relative, Loved One, or even for Yourself.

Thermalpad Farrowing Pad outperforms currently used supplemental heat sources. The Latest Supplemental Heat Source

Increased Production

Even consistent heat stops piling losses. Raised design eliminates drafts and allows easy confident cleaning and sanitizing. Spacious PIG PAD allows uncrowded, stress-free sleep.
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Built-in thermal control assures constant temperatures and automatically prevents over heating eliminating damage to piglets, equipment and facilities. Eliminates use of gas heaters and associated potential hazards. ThermalPad+ is a state-of-the-art design with UL approved products.
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Energy Efficient

  • Operating cost is a fraction of that associated with heat lamps, gas heating and electric infrared.
  • Design and controlled heating eliminates energy losses to concrete or steel mesh floors.
  • Energy savings pay for the PIG PADS in a matter of weeks.
  • Out performs currently used supplemental heat sources.
  • Operates on 110 VAC.
  • Consumes less power than a 100 watt light bulb.
  • Maintains consistent heat level.

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Durable Thermoplastic Body

Raised design keeps pad surface above floor.

Design provides better drainage, keeping piglets drier, reducing stress.

The plastic pad is easily cleaned and disinfected between litters, insuring a healthier, germ-free environment.

This material is highly resistant to chemicals present in urine, disinfectants, and cleaning agents.

There is no fiberglass resin odors to contend with in your facility, or for your piglets to breath, adding to a healthier environment.

This unique plastic has high resistance to hot and cold environments, to keep the pad in its original form at all times.

This material requires no special maintenance, is environmentally safe and recyclable.

The water tight construction of the pad adds to the long lasting reliability.

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Thermal Chamber

Unlike conventional slab type pads, the thermal chamber provides an oven like airspace between the heating element and the surface of the pad. The airspace quickly heats, allowing fast, more even heat distribution across the surface of the pad, thus eliminating hot and cold spots. A specially designed Thermal Package allows the pad to achieve full operating capacity in minutes, NOT days. This heat reflecting Thermal Package, prevents heat loss into the floor, conserving energy and saving you dollars.
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Thermostat Protected

Each piglet heater pad has an internal thermostat to guard against overheating. Example; if the pig heating pad should become covered or if ambient temperatures inside your facility increase to high levels, the pre-programmed thermostat automatically senses the heat rise and shuts the pad off. As the temperature returns to a safe normal level the thermostat automatically restarts the pad. This safeguard will continue, protecting your piglets, your facility, and YOUR INVESTMENT.
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Thermalpad can be repaired or replaced as listed on warranty, but money cannot be refunded for dissatisfaction of product, due to contagious diseases that animals carry we can not take that risk. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.