At Eastside Veterinary Hospital, we use the PAH Thermalpad and the PAH Incubator. The Thermalpad is awesome for post-op patients who are hypothermic. You can put them directly on the pad or on a blanket, and leave them alone without fear of their getting burned. We routinely place patients on the pad overnight, knowing they will not overheat. PAH pads are a must for every veterinary hospital. The Thermal Incubator is very versatile also. We use it with newborn kittens and pups to maintain body temperature during c-sections, and as an oxygen cage by running a tube from our oxygen supply through the louvered vent. It is ideal for pets weighing less than 20 pounds. Every veterinary hospital should have at least one.

Lincoln E. Ward
Eastside Veterinary Clinic

I wanted to thank you so much for sending us the thermalpad incubator to use for our wildlife patients. It has been pretty much occupied with a wide variety of species. So far I haven�t found anything at all I would change. I added a thermometer just so I could monitor the temperature and make sure it wasn�t getting to warm etc.

Thank you so much again for your kindness! I know that a few of the small babies would not have made it with out the incubator.

Christy Holley
Suncoast Primate Sanctuary

We love the THERMALPAD. We have used them both in surgery and in the kennel room when someone needs extra warmth. We have found that the animals that undergo surgery while on the pads recover from anesthesia more quickly and crisply than those without. Here is a good story: during a cold spell in October, a tiny geriatric Yorkshire terrier was brought into the clinic one morning. She had been inadvertently left outside after a �potty break� in the middle of the night. She was hypothermic, seizuring, blind and her owner was just short of hysterical. Between warm intravenous fluids, the thermalpad, some anticonvulsant medication and a lot of TLC, this little critter not only survived, but regained her vision and is no doubt sleeping on the pad as I type this letter.

The flat pads are wonderful we use ors daily and highly recommend them to other Veterinarians.

Thanx again,
Melinda Robin,DVM
Willow Mountain Veterinary Hospital &
Florence Veterinary Clinic